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If I dont remember it, It never happened


just a fool for you
12 February
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i am 5'4" with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, and i wear size 7 shoes
this song marcus dedicated to me and i hated it then but i love it now...

Senses Fail- One Eight Seven

Its so nice sitting very still, in a room where no one else can feel
the pain that breaks my heart each day, im not okay.
sunlight shining through my window, lets me know that im still alive
but why did i ever let u inside of my heart? im such a fool
i paint my face in shades of blood and grey and take a seat right next to me
well i should've known that you were a killer
but now im dead.

A gaping hole shot through my heart
a lost connection from your poison dart
shot from your tounge to end my life.
but your blowing at the fire to light your strife.

youll never know.
the hardest thing about ddying is, knowing youll never see the light of day.

A gaping hole shot...(shot through my heart)
a lost connection from your poison dart
my head now spins, and my ears bleed gold
i tried so fucking hard, but i cant fit your mold

you ripped my heart out, you tore my eyes out, now your gonna pay
ill stab you one time.
ill eat your heart out, so you feel my pain
dont you know that i always see you in all of my dreams?
i wanna kill you, but now im insane
a static lullaby, aliens, allegiance, as i lay dying, at bedside, atreyu, avril lavigne, barbeques, being poor, beloved, blink 182, blood for blood, blueberry pancakes, board games, boats, bois, boom boxes, bowling, boy tees, brians big truck, broken trucks, bubbles, bumper cars, cds, chad michael murray, cheese parties, cheetos, cherries, chocolate, coheed and cambria, comeback kid, cuddling, dancing, die trying, dixie chicks, dodge darts, donuts, dream catchers, driving, eating, eggrolls without ketchup, emo, espanol, evergreen terrace, eyeliner, eyes, face peircings, fair stealing, fake tattoes, fanny packs, fatum, fear factory, free stuff, friends, from autumn to ashes, froot booters, games, garage saleing, glow in the dark, goldfinger, grilled cheese sandwiches, guitar, happy meals, haste the day, hot boys, hot tubs, hugs, jewelry, jump ropes, killswitch engage, kisses, led zepplin, lemonade, life of agony, lollipops, long walks on beach, ludacris, maple bars, martyr ad, microwaves, modest mouse, money, movies, mustard, my chemical romance, nodes of renvier, partys, pennywise, photos, pools, popcorn, poptarts, posters, puzzles, queen, rancid, rascal flatts, roller coasters, roxys shirts, scars of tomorrow, school buses, senses fail, shane west, shoes, shows, shrek watches, silly pens, skinnydipping, skittles, sleeping, sour patch kids, spending moms money, spongebob cereal, stereos, steve miller band, stickers, strawberries, streetlight manifesto, styx, sunglasses with padding, sunsets, sweat pants, swimming, swinging, tacos, taking back sunday, telephones, the clash, the cure, the envy, the fair, the used, thrice, thrift stores, thursday, toilets, top ramen, toys, travis barker, underoath, unearth, vicci martinez, videos, vw vans